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Eminent is a fully-fledged English language training institute which is run by highly experienced English language professionals who hold a great amount of experience of corporate world. Eminent defines how learning English can be so easy and result oriented. All our trainers are well-versed and dedicated in terms of English language training and train learners with great care by paying attention to each individual learner so that they can perform better. Every English learner has a dream. Some want to join MNCs, some want to get promotions, some want to clear interviews of top-notch colleges for higher studies, some want to get impressive personality.

Keeping our learners’ dreams in mind, we focus on modern and practical English so that they can do better in interviews, corporate world and have impressive personality. All our classrooms are fully decorated with English learning materials. We are very particular about maintaining an English speaking environment at our centre. Your learning starts from the day you hit Eminent premises.

English is not only a language but also a skill

As our slogan says that English is not only a language but also a skill, we truly stand by that. English Language has become a part of our personality. It is one of the skills that people or companies want to notice in you nowadays. Due to poor knowledge of English, despite having good knowledge of work many working professionals don’t get recognition and the credit of their work is taken by their bosses or seniors who are able to speak English well.

Our team of faculties includes corporate trainers who have worked in so many MNCs (Multi National Companies) and used their communication skills to interact with people internationally. By using old methods of learning you can be a good writer but can’t be a good speaker. Here comes the practical learning. Our training method is so practical and realistic which will bring changes in your English so quickly. At Eminent we focus on impressive English speaking skills which will make you an eye-catching speaker.

Call us immediately so that we can conduct a test to check your English level and suggest you the most suitable course for you. One of our experienced trainers will evaluate your English communication skills and will give you feedback. This test is free.

Free English Test or Counselling before Admission

Before admission we conduct a small speaking test to check the actual level of learners. It is just a free counselling to choose the right course for learners. Different learners have different needs. That is why this test is conducted.

Our Working Hours

It is from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm. You can choose the batch time as per your convenience.

Why is English Important ?

As India is becoming a global business hub, a number of MNCs are mushrooming in India. Knowing the fact, English is the only language which connects the whole world, these companies have made good communication skills in English the first criteria of their hiring. Without good communication skills in English our growth or promotion lies only in dreams. A great English speaking skill is a great weapon for corporate employees. Ignoring the importance of English is not possible now as most of the things are done online. Not only in corporate or business world but also it gives you a very respectable recognition in society. English opens many doors of success and helps you to reach the pinnacle of success in a very short time. A number of employees are not able to express their views, feedback, concerns in their companies due to poor knowledge of English. One of the key differences between junior and senior employees is excellent communication skill in English. It is very difficult to survive in the future without good Spoken English skills.